missa lee


For as long as I can remember I have been a creative soul, longing for vibrancy & color in my life. As a kid I was always drawn to art supplies / projects, coloring books, theater, photographs, sunsets, playing outside - attempting to climb the biggest trees, catching grasshoppers & butterflies, building forts & studying my cat's every movement. I loved examining the world up close, at all angles & anytime a gorgeous landscape caught my eye it seemed I always wanted to stay a little longer than some. I found the world to be intriguing & loved finding the beauty of each thing I studied. I explored many different arts growing up but photography is something I've always held close. Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to dig into my parent's closet & pull out their huge box of photographs & albums. I loved learning about my family, seeing how things used to be & watching my memories with them grow inside the box. Maybe I am a little more sentimental than some but I feel everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy that feeling of seeing & touching their memories many times over. Your life should be captured & cemented for the future generations of your family to learn about. Time slips by so quickly, life gets busy & the kids grow in a blink of an eye. It's important to take time to capture the spirit of your lives together!

Missa Lee Photography was established in 2010 after borrowing my Father's camera repeatedly for personal projects & deciding to go on a whim with a pocket full of hopeful dreams - all while still having a lot to learn about the industry & perfecting the skills I needed. 10 years looking back, I feel so grateful for the people who gave me the opportunity to learn & grown with them along the way. Capturing special moments that may be treasured for generations brings me so much happiness & purpose. That feeling encourages me to give each session my very best in hopes that my career-long dream becomes a reality in many families. I want to provide each client with highest quality images you'll not only want to display in your home but store safely for your future loved ones to enjoy.

We live in a world of great image documentation but how many times are you behind the camera or it's just a selfie with someone? When was the last time you were excited to see or touch your printed memories? Are they getting lost in the abyss of digital devices? I'm guilty too! Those memories are great, sure, but nothing can replace that huge box or album you come across time & time again in your home. Next thing you know, an hour or so has passed & you feel reunited with all those special little moments again. That's why I fell in love with family & lifestyle portraiture. Leaving behind your legacy & passing down tangible photos that will be viewed & touched by those following us. I love capturing the essence of each family & person in front of my lens. My goal is to not only create those quality family portraits of everyone together but also capture all the little moments in between poses. My workflow is a mixture of patience, dedication & grace. Every moment is the opportunity to tell a new story. I look for light, angles & study each moment as they pass. Attempting to slow down time by capturing the best candid moments & the many stages of your families lives.

I hope you'll consider letting me be your photographer & storyteller!